Hey guys, Alex here. This blog is the first of many more to come.

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Hey guys, Alex here. This blog is the first of many in this new series I’m starting. I will be posting things once or twice a month, so if you want to follow along I will putting up when I upload blogs on twitter and Instagram. So let’s start at the beginning for our first blog.

I was the youngest of four from a small town outside of Philadelphia, and ever since I could talk, I’ve always been a character. My mom talks on and on about funny stories of how much of a “little rascal” I was. From eating dog food to jumping off TV’s, and I am the same way now, except less dog food.

Growing up the youngest I would have to say was really cool. I was the baby and still to this day am referred to as the baby of the family. I also was a very active kid. I played many sports like basketball, hockey, soccer, baseball, fishing, and my favorite, wrestling. I think I liked wrestling so much because I am so aggressive and competitive when I comes to sports, but that’s also what pushes me today.

Music for me was always a release from my day to day stress. I started getting into singing when I was 4. It was a great start for me. My brother is actually the one who sparked the interest of singing in me.

I started taking lessons and that’s where it all started. I would love going to everyone, but still wasn’t used to being in front of lots of people yet. I remember my first time in front of an audience. A show my vocal coach had called the black and white. I wouldn’t go up on stage without having a hat and sunglasses on so no one could see my face. I eventually got over it, but I still find it pretty funny, how nervous I was. That’s where it all began and how I started getting into performing and singing.

Stay tuned for my next blog where I will telling you more about my life and what it’s to well.. Be me. Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you all next time, and remember, any things possible.

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  1. Music of Youth
    Music of Youth says:

    Awesome! Who knew you could write so well? :)
    Anyway, we are excited to get to know you more and hear about what it’s like to be you. We really want to know.
    Oh, and now we have some awesome things we can write about you in your upcoming Music of Youth Profile. Thanks!

  2. Nicolle
    Nicolle says:

    I love you too Alex B just wanted to know you I am Brazilian and live in another country you do not know which is the england england I`m passionate about actually
    am passionate about any country that speaks English.


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